Name: Poseidon

Gender: Male

Age: 4320, give or take a couple of centuries

Location: Bottom of the ocean. Also homes in Miami, Key West, Montauk, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nassau

Quote: I Make Waves (Literally)

About Me: The all-powerful god of the sea. Some call me temperamental, but I just like to keep people guessing. Show some respect, and I might give you smooth sailing. Otherwise . . . how well can you swim?

Who I’d Like to Meet: Ran, the Norse goddess who shipwrecked sailors and drowned them in her net. We Greek gods don’t mix with the Norse very often, but Ran sounds like my kind of woman!

Interests: causing hurricanes, creating animals out of sea foam, fishing, evening strolls on the beach, making earthquakes that destroy entire civilizations.

Music: whale songs, the tide, and Barbra Streisand, not necessarily in that order

Film: The Poseidon Adventure, The Abyss, Ocean’s Eleven.

TV: Jacques Cousteau’s ocean documentaries. Now that guy had class!

Books: Jaws. The Old Man and the Sea.

Heroes: Myself. I also admire the blue whale, the giant squid and the basking shark.

Status: Married to Amphitrite, a really lovely woman, but I have been known to have a few other relationships. Okay . . . a lot of other relationships.

Hometown: The Mediterranean Sea.

Favorite Drink: A good salty margarita.

Body Type: I can look however I wish, however normally I opt for a middle-aged man in beach clothes. I have a salt-and-pepper beard, dark hair, green eyes, and naturally I’m very buff.

Occupation: Sea God

Education: I know every creature that moves in the seas. As for land creatures, they’re not worth learning about.