Name: Hermes

Gender: Male

Age: 3002

Location: Wall Street

Quote: Life is a highway, and I am the fast lane!

About Me: I was born restless and ready to move! I stole my brother Apollo’s cattle when I was still a baby, and I haven’t slowed down since. I’m always wheeling and dealing. Communication, man. That’s what it is all about.

Who I’d Like to Meet: David Blaine (the street magician), the Rolling Stones, Tony Stewart (the NASCAR driver; I want to race that guy).

Interests: racing, thieving, making money

Music: I make my own. I’m into techno-pop and avant garde stuff. I like making my own instruments. I even created the lyre, though Apollo claimed it for his own.

Film: The Fast and The Furious; Top Gun

TV: Around the World in Eighty Days (the miniseries)

Books: I fly a lot, so I listen to audio books!

Heroes: FedEx, UPS.

Status: I’ve been known to have relationships, but right now I’m in the market.

Hometown: Kyllene, a beautiful little spot up in the mountains of Greece, where my mom Maia hid me as a baby.

Favorite Drink: Gatorade

Body Type: lean and fast like a runner. I can’t afford to get slowed down.

Occupation: God of Commerce, Travelers, Doctors, Thieves, and all who use the roads.

Education: I have a street education. What else?