Name: Ares

Gender: Male

Age: As old as war.

Location: On the battlefield, baby. Always. 

Quote: Kill it dead.

About Me: The world’s premier fighter. If you got a problem with that, call me out and see how long you last.

Who I’d Like to Meet: I’d like to fight Napoleon. He was a little guy, but he knew how to run an army. That Chinese dude Sun Tzu was cool, too. I’d like to have a fight with him.

Interests: Guns, swords, knives, spears, armor, tanks, heavy artillery and motorcycles. All at the same time, if I can.

Music: Hard rock. Heavier the better.

Film: Saving Private Ryan. Fight Club.

TV: Television is for sissies. It’s not nearly violent enough!

Books: Jane’s Military books, the big coffee table versions with lots of glossy pictures of tanks and missiles!

Heroes: Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun

Status: Dating Aphrodite, but don’t tell her husband. That creep Hephaestus don’t deserve a girl like that.

Hometown: Anywhere that’s going to war. I like Sparta and Washington, D.C. especially.

Favorite Drink: Red wine, because it’s the color of blood.

Body Type: I’m built, man. I keep in shape. What do you expect from the God of War?

Occupation: Starting major conflicts.

Education: I was studying war before West Point was even founded.