Name: Aphrodite 

Gender: Female

Age: Never ask a lady her age

Location: In your heart, my dear.

Quote: All you need is love, and makeup, and a nice dress, and designer shoes.

About Me: I am simply beautiful, and I’m not bragging. I was born from the sea and everyone wants to marry me. Don’t hate me because I’m popular.

Who I'd Like To Meet: George Clooney, Daniel Craig. But I would break their hearts, the poor dears.

Interests: Gossip, matchmaking, shopping, dating.

Music: Ravel, Norah Jones, Elvis Presley

Film: Doctor Zhivago, Romeo + Juliet

TV: Desperate Housewives

Book: Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele

Heroes: Helen of Troy (oh, she was my favorite mortal ever!), Lady Godiva, Don Juan.

Status: Married (please, don’t ask. It’s too terrible!) But I manage to find true love as well. My current boyfriend is ultra-hunk Ares.

Hometown: Cyprus, my sacred island where I came ashore after my birth

Favourite Drink: Love Potion #9

Body Type: oh please! Perfect body. Absolutely perfect.

Occupation: Goddess of Love and Beauty

Education: Love is the greatest teacher. Heartbreak is second-best. I use both