Name: Hades

Gender: Male

Age: Really, really old.

Location: the Underworld

Quote: Everyone comes to see me eventually.

About Me: I see dead people . . . WAY TOO MANY of them. You think it’s easy running the Underworld? Talk about overpopulation. And dead people are no fun to hang out with. Believe me.

Who I’d Like to Meet: I’d like to meet Anubis, the Egyptian god. The Egyptians handled death with style!

Interests: Precious metals (I own all the riches under the earth), undertaking, military history (I have quite a collection of antique weapons, and the zombie soldiers who owned them).

Music: funeral dirges

Film: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Disney’s Hercules. (I enjoyed how they made me a villain, but please, they really think I have blue fire coming out of my head?)

TV: Six Feet Under

Books: The Idiot’s Guide to the Afterlife; A Brief History of the Dead

Heroes: Heroes are overrated. I did kind of like Orpheus though. That kid could play.

Status: Married to the beautiful Persephone. I hate it when she leaves every spring though. Mother-in-laws are so annoying.

Hometown: Erebos

Favorite Drink: Styx Water, sparkling or still with a twist of lemon

Body Type: Twenty feet tall, pale, dark hair, lean and mean as a panther.

Occupation: Lord of the Dead, King of the Underworld

Education: My education was having two snotty older brothers, Zeus and Poseidon. You learn a lot when you’re the youngest of three. Man, I hate them.