Grover Underwood

Name: Grover Underwood

Gender: Goat

Age: 26 (but satyrs mature twice as slowly as humans, so I’m really 13)

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Long Island, New York

Quote: Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

About Me: I’m a satyr, half-man, half-goat. I finally got my searcher’s license to find the missing god Pan, but I keep getting interrupted! Oh well, at least the Cyclopes didn’t eat me.

Who I’d Like to Meet: The Great God Pan! I have to find him! I’d also like to meet Dian Fossey, the lady who worked with the gorillas, and Artemis. She’s so into nature!

Interests: not getting killed, eating, drinking, hiking, searching for Pan, eating

Music: reed pipe music! I like to do Mozart, Hilary Duff, just about anything.

Film: Into the Wild.

TV: Sesame Street. (What? It’s quality entertainment!)

Books: Roughing It travel guides

Heroes: the Sierra Club, Theodore Roosevelt, Pan

Status: I’m dating a very nice tree at the moment. She’s a wood nymph named Juniper.

Hometown: Camp Half-Blood, I was born in the woods.

Favorite Drink: Root Beer, with extra roots

Body Type: barnyard. I have shaggy legs and hooves. My top half is . . . um, very buff. Yes, very.

Occupation: searcher and keeper. When I’m not looking for Pan, I find demigods and get them to camp safely.

Education: trained in nature magic and survival by the Council of Cloven Elders.