Name: Athena  

Gender: Female

Age: 3503

Location: Cambridge, MA

Quote: Figure it out.

About Me: I like smart people who can use their wits. If you can do that, call on me and maybe I will give you my blessings. Believe me. I’m a good goddess to have on your side.

Who I’d Like to Meet: I’ve met just about everyone over the centuries. Some of my favorites: Albert Einstein; Leonardo da Vinci, who took my advice on his greatest inventions; Bill Gates (He was going to call it ‘Shutters,’ and I said, ‘No, Bill. Windows.’)

Interests: Chess, 3D design, war strategies, riddles, inventions.

Music: Mozart, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne

Film: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,

TV: Ken Burns documentaries

Books: Sense and Sensibility; Da Vinci Code

Heroes: Ulysses S. Grant, Odysseus, Julius Caesar

Status: I do not marry, but I have many demigod children. Some say I’m a maiden goddess and ask how I can have children. Haven’t you ever heard of a “brainchild”? There are more ways to have children than you mortals realize. Look at me. I sprang from Zeus’s head.

Hometown: Zeus’s head. When I was born, I sprang out of his noggin in full battle gear.

Favorite Drink: Jamba Juice with extra brain boost

Body Type: lithe and athletic, beautiful and deadly. Contradict me and you shall feel my curse.

Occupation: Goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Education: I hold over a hundred PhDs in most fields known to man. I invented military strategy, along with most of mankind’s useful devices like the loom and microwavable popcorn.