Annabeth Chase

Name: Annabeth Chase  

Gender: Female

Age: 13 and a half (yes, I’m older than Percy, and way more mature)

Location: San Francisco

Quote: Always, always have a plan.

About Me: I’ve had a kinda tough life. I ran away from home when I was seven because my dad got remarried. I hung around with Luke and Thalia for a while before coming to camp. I lived at Camp Half-Blood for about six years until I gave my dad another chance. Now we’re living in San Francisco, which is cool except it’s dangerous for half-bloods. VERY dangerous.

Who I’d Like to Meet: Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Graham Bell, Christopher Wren

Interests: architecture, Ancient Greek, battle tactics, questing

Music: Beyonce, Mariah Carey

Film: Dream Girls

TV: CSI, Law and Order

Books: The Illiad, A History of Architecture (seven volume set), Calvin & Hobbes

Heroes: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (Civil War hero), Alexander the Great

Status: I used to have this huge crush on Luke... but then he turned evil. Now, why does everybody think Percy and I are a couple? He’s just my friend, seriously!

Hometown: Richmond, VA, but my family moved around a lot.

Favorite Drink: Root Beer float with vanilla ice cream.

Body Type: 5’9”, kinda athletic, I guess, blonde hair, gray eyes.

Occupation: student, camper at Camp Half-Blood

Education: I’m in the eighth grade. The last six years I pretty much taught myself at camp, but now I’m back in a regular school. I miss camp.